Who we are

“My original background was in the world of publishing, the arts and culture, which involved attending formal dinners, opening ceremonies and conventions, where my experience, with the exception of a rare moment of bliss, has been of poor quality food and wine, and of a rather impersonal and standardised service with the kind of attitudes and menus which are deemed suitable to any occasion” according to our chef.”


Pursuing her old passion for fine cuisine, she decided to switch sides offering a completely different and more authentic experience of catering, specially tailored for the world of culture and the arts which demands good taste and elegance. “I finally merged those three aspects which have characterised me since my childhood: a love for music, a passion for classical philology and an innate curiosity for chemistry, the combination of which can only guarantee excellent results”.

Along with our chef, La Grande Mela features a selected staff of chefs and room personnel who are young, competent, trustworthy, dressed in informal service attire,  which is specifically designed to accompany an exemplary service.