Vegan night at MeAT Restaurant in Roma


Who said vegan cuisine is supposed to be a sad anteroom to far more horrid sacrifices? This fab dinner not only demonstrated that we all often eat according to vegan principles without knowing, but it also proved that you can create wonderful recipes which are full of stunning surprises. A vegan dinner for not vegans, basically! The recipes you can find on the blog, obviously.


  • Hummus mini balls with black and white sesame seeds
  • Gerkin rolls with avocando and deidrated cherry tomatoes
  • Vegetable tempura with apples and herbs
  • Sweet potatoes and pumpkin soup with Jerusalem artichokes chips
  • Pasta with broccolini and crispy bread crumbs
  • Lentils and zucchini polpette with lemon, mint and soya mayonnaise
  • Marinated tofu with peanut butter
  • Raw caulyflower with black olives and oranges pesto
  • Cherry tomatoes confit with duqqah
  • New York Cheese cake with hot tangerine sauce
  • Choco pudding with coconut whipped cream and Modica chocolate

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